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Already massive, they’re edging towards institution status

February 6th, 2016 1:00 pm| by Jonathan Mackley

They may be three decades old, but Massive Attack are still selling out venues like it’s the early 1990s. It’s a testament to the calibre of musical prowess this band still wields.

Some of their most notable songs don’t even have choruses, but who needs them when you’ve got such dramatically atmospheric dynamics!

Their debut LP, Blue Lines, was included in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. You’ve heard the standout track ‘Unfinished Symphony’ a zillion times, even if you can’t quite remember its name.

These and other psychedelic, soundtrack-like and DJist sonic techniques formed a much-emulated style journalists began to dub ‘trip hop’ from the mid-90s onwards.

Their more conventional shows remain awesome spectacles too. With giant LED screens allowing them to apply their music to political and social backdrops, and an expanded live line-up that features a revolving selection of guest vocalists, the brooding disquiet of their most recent studio effort, Heligoland, has been weaved in seamlessly alongside cuts from ‘90s classics Mezzanine and Blue Lines.

Having evidently mastered both the recorded and live elements of their craft, Massive Attack’s staying power has moved them beyond simply being one of Britain’s most vital musical groups – they’re edging towards institution status.
You leave their concerts happy, energised and with a new-found need to get involved in righting the wrongs in the world.

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Sun 7 Feb; Tap1; 390kr, Sold Out – waiting list