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Tame Impala + Jagwar Ma: Currently one of the best in the business

Get ready for the Second Coming (photo: Artist’s Facebook Page)
February 1st, 2016 7:00 am| by Jonathan Mackley

Whoever is lucky enough to welcome Tame Impala to their city is in for a treat – particularly with their ‘younger brother’ Jagwar Ma warming up the crowd.

Their latest album, Currents, was hailed in some quarters as the best album of 2015, with opening song ‘Let It Happen’ regarded as one of the best songs.

At a time when so much of the music on the radio sounds the same, music fans are gravitating towards unique sounds that bring an interesting perspective to the sonic palette. Tame Impala brings that special something to the table – an original electronic-driven alternative rock sound that blends together in a truly inventive way.

Come face-to-face with passionate frontman Kevin Parker, a multi-instrumentalist and producer who writes and records nearly all of Tame Impala’s songs. Basically he’s a musical Jesus and looks a bit like him too.

The music they are exploring on Currents, and also in their breakout album Lonerism, mix together sounds of the 70s, 80s, current electronica and Parker’s voice. It’s colourful and truly exciting.

Their ability to go from robotic voices to insane solo guitar riffs so effortlessly leaves you feeling overwhelmed after every song, and that’s just via a pair of headphones, never mind an intimate concert.

Tame Impala + Jagwar Ma

Wed 3 Feb; Falconer Salen; 330kr, billetlugen.dk